MEDA 102

MEDA 102 – Assignment #1



My artwork was loosely based of Agnes Martin’s painting ‘Happy Holiday’



Nicholas Montague – Artwork # 1


  • A3 sheet of paper x2
  • BIC Classic Fine pen
  • Artline Supreme permanent marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick


1) Orientate a piece of A3 paper in landscape.

2) Make a small dot with a BIC ballpoint pen 3cm to the right of the top left corner.

3) Continue these dots in 6 cm increments from left to right. (you should end up with 7 dots)

4) Repeat the process to make 7 dots along the bottom side of the A3 paper.

5) Using an Artline Supreme permanent marker, SLOWLY draw a line from the first dot at the top to the dot directly underneath it. DO NOT use a ruler. It must be a freehand drawn line.

6) Repeat for the remaining dots.

7) Slowly cut along the first black line you have drawn from bottom to top. When cutting the line, make sure to PRECISELY  cut through the centre of the black line.

8) Repeat for the remaining 6 lines.

9) Discard the first piece of paper cut.

10) For the remaining 7 pieces of paper, evenly space them out over an A3 sheet of paper.

11) Once evenly spaced, use a glue stick to glue them down.

12) Turn the paper 90 degrees clockwise and take a photo.



Artist #1 Tammy





Artist #2 Clover





Artist #3 Ollie






Whilst Agnes Martin’s artwork was visually appealing, I decided to generate a more whimsical feel to the lines of my artwork. Through creating instructions that denote the lines must be hand drawn, the feel of the artwork becomes less rigid and more free flowing; the playful lines mimicking that of a bendy road or a small wavy stream. Contrastingly, the cleanly cut lines and monotone colouring, using only a black permanent marker on white paper juxtaposes these unstructured lines, creating an aesthetically pleasing artwork.

Through abstracting the artwork into instructions, the liveliness of the freehand lines could decrease via the artists drawing extremely straight lines. Similarly, the physical medium of cutting the black line with scissors may devalue the artwork if the lines have not been drawn thick enough to evenly cut through their entirety.

Out of the three artists who undertook my instructions, two of them completed my intended artwork. I believed my instructions clearly denoted my intended artwork, however at the 10th step, artist #3, Ollie interpreted my instructions differently to how I intended them. Whilst the first two artists kept the sheets of paper in the same order as I intended, Ollie perceived my instructions to place the sheets in a random order. I didn’t specifically state to place the sheets in the same order, as I believed it to be implied; however due the ambiguity of this instruction, Ollie’s completed artwork was not successful. With the exception of this 10th step, the remainder of the instructions were clear and specific.

The artists were able to plot the dot points in the correct areas, and thus were able to create evenly spaced hand drawn lines. The artists were also successful in cutting through the centre of the black lines allowing for the progression of the artwork. Through these specific instructions, the artists successfully completed all aspects of the artwork with the exception of one artist on a single instruction.


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